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Let Our Professionals Help You Build Your Dream Backyard

Design Inspiration

Beginning a backyard project can be daunting. You have to decide which project is best for your lifestyle and your budget. You also have to balance functionality with design aesthetics. This is where our team of experts can help.

Deck Designs and Ideas

Decks are an excellent feature that increase the value of your home. A well-maintained deck is a huge selling feature for many potential buyers, but it’s a great way to extend your outdoor living space as well. Whether you intend to sell or stay in your home for years to come, decks provide the perfect entertaining space. Our team of experts can show you deck designs and custom options to build a structure that meets your needs and budget.

Fence Designs and Uses

Residential fences serve a number of purposes. They can improve the aesthetics of your home or provide privacy from neighbors and passing traffic. Residential fences also improve safety for pets and children playing outside. Fences are also effective at keeping unwanted intruders out of your lawn such as wandering animals or would-be criminals. Lastly, fences are a convenient way to mark property lines to avoid land disputes.

Whether you want a fence for privacy, safety, or purely for decoration, our team of experts can help. Contact us to discuss materials, customization options, functionality, and more.

Porch Designs and Ideas

Much like decks, porches can improve the value of your home. In addition, we design our porches to blend seamlessly with your home’s aesthetic. You may want a decorative front porch to improve your home’s curb appeal or you may need extra space to entertain guests. Porches also improve your home’s practicality. Front porches provide a clear separation of space from the outdoors and indoors. They can also serve as a mudroom or foyer for homes with front doors that open directly into a living space or hallway. Screened in porches on the back of the home can add much-needed storage space as well. Porches are a highly versatile addition to any home. We can customize any porch to suit your purpose, style, and budget.